Essure Birth Control Lawsuits


Were You Hurt by an Essure IUD?

When you choose a birth control method, you trust that the product will do its job. You shouldn't have to worry about whether the product is safe.

Patients using the fallopian tube implant Essure, along with other IUDs, have reported serious side effects, complications, and even death. You didn't sign up for this. Let us fight for you and other women who suffered due to Essure.

What is Essure?

Essure is a non-surgical, permanent birth control procedure. We understand why a product like Essure would seem appealing – there's no surgery or incisions involved, and it uses your body's natural barriers to prevent pregnancy. Even the product itself looks harmless. It's a very small nickel-coated coil, resembling the spring you might find in a pen. It sounds like a non-invasive, low maintenance, and permanent solution. But instead, it has been linked to irreversible health issues.

How Does Essure Work?

Essure works by inserting those coils into a woman's fallopian tubes. After insertion, the small Essure coils expand slightly to press against the surrounding tissues. Over a short period of time, scar tissue builds around the Essure coils, and eventually creates a block that prevents sperm from reaching the eggs.

What Went Wrong with Essure?

Essure seems like it would carry little risk. No surgery, no changing the product every few months, no unintended pregnancies. Instead, women have suffered countless side effects. The device has been reportedly linked to allergic reactions and related complications due to its nickel coating. It has also been reportedly known to dislodge from the fallopian tubes, moving and causing damage throughout the body.

While the Essure IUD is considered a permanent sterilization procedure, Essure can be removed in few situations using microsurgery. However, complications surrounding Essure occur so frequently and are so severe that removal requires a complete hysterectomy. A hysterectomy, or removal of the uterus, comes with its own side effects.

Complications Associated With Essure

The following complications have been reported after using the Essure birth control method:

  • Removal of device through hysterectomy
  • Potentially deadly ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy that occurs outside the uterus and inside the fallopian tubes)
  • Migration of the device from fallopian tubes to other organs
  • Tearing of the uterus, colon, and other organs
  • Autoimmune reactions, including hair loss and weight changes

Symptoms of an Essure Complication

The following symptoms have been reported in connection with Essure complications:

  • Severe abdominal cramps
  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Fatigue
  • Rashes
  • Hair loss
  • Weight changes
  • Migraines
  • Allergic Reactions

What We Can Do

Edgar Snyder & Associates will stand for the rights of women hurt by what seemed to be a harmless birth control method. You've suffered enough, and you owe it to yourself to focus on your health.

It's not fair that the manufacturer of Essure is left unscathed after its product injured women. We'll piece together the details, and we'll fight to get you the compensation you deserve. We'll also push for change and help to prevent other unsuspecting women from potential future injuries.