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Baby Sleeper Models May Have Potentially Fatal Risks

For parents or caregivers of infants, safety is a top priority. Infants are vulnerable to sickness and injury, and they rely on you to make decisions that will keep them safe and allow them to grow up happy and healthy.

But what if you purchased or used a defective, recalled, or dangerous children's product? What if the product you used injured your child…or worse?

If you used a Baby Matters Nap Nanny infant recliner and your infant suffered injuries, you may have a case. At Edgar Snyder & Associates, we can help you determine your legal options.

Consumer Product Safety Commission Files Lawsuit Against Maker of Nap Nanny Recliners

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) filed a lawsuit against Baby Matters LLC in early December 2012, because it refused to issue a recall of its Nap Nanny infant recliners after five infants died while in a Nap Nanny.

In July 2012, Baby Matters offered an $80 coupon to owners of the Generation One Nap Nanny toward the purchase of a new model, which included better instructions and more warnings about the use of the product.

However, the CPSC says that Baby Matters failed to address the potential dangers of the product when used in a crib and without the harness straps securely fastened. Infants can fall out of the Nap Nanny or become wedged between the sides of the crib and the mattress.

The organization says at least four infants died in earlier Nap Nanny models, including the Nap Nanny Generation One and Two and Chill infant recliners, and it has received 70 additional incident reports. However, Baby Matters continued to claim its products are safe. Approximately 5,000 Nap Nanny Generation One and 50,000 Generation Two models were sold from 2009-2012, according to the Associated Press. Since January 2011, about 100,000 Chill models were sold.

The CPSC's lawsuit says Baby Matters should notify consumers about the risks of its products and refund the cost to those who purchased them. The company went out of business in November 2012.

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