Children's Product Injuries

child playing with toys

There are few things that rock a family's world like the injury or wrongful death of a child. Unfortunately, thousands of children are injured each year because of defective toys and other products designed for the youngest members of our households.

The product liability attorneys at Edgar Snyder & Associates know all too well that defective products can cause serious and sometimes even lifelong injuries. We know your medical bills could be piling up, and that you may have to take time off work to care for your little one.

Types of Child Product Hazards

We know that you want justice for your child, as well as the financial compensation to provide for medical bills, time off work and more—and we can help you. Call our skilled attorneys today if your child was seriously hurt because of:

  • Choking hazards such as small, detachable pieces that small children could attempt to swallow
  • Sharp or pointed edges that could cause punctures or lacerations
  • Missing warning labels that would inform parents of potential product dangers
  • Dangerous packaging that poses possible suffocation and other hazards
  • Overheating, or too-loud products. Some battery-operated toys and other products are prone to overheating—which can pose burn risks. Others may come with loud alarms or sound-effects that may cause hearing damage.

The hard truth is that even products designed to help keep our children safe can all too often cause them serious injury—and sometimes even death.

Defective Car Seats

While we trust that child car seats will keep our children safe in the event of an accident, unfortunately, these products sometimes cause them harm instead. If your child was injured by a faulty child safety seat, don't try to handle a legal claim on your own. Put our legal experience to work for you.

Call Edgar Snyder & Associates today—you may have a case against the maker, supplier, distributor, or even the retailer of the defective car seat if the company:

  • Failed to inspect or test car seats before placing them on the market
  • Created a flaw in the child safety seat
  • Failed to discover a flaw in the child safety seat
  • Failed to discover that the car seat could be dangerous
  • Failed to warn buyers of the risk or hazard of using the car seat

Defective Cribs and Baby Furniture

Defective car seats aren't the only injury culprits: Thousands of children in the United States are also injured by household furniture such as cribs, changing tables and dressers. Many health products, as well as sports and playground products that are designed for children ultimately cause them injuries.

If your child was seriously injured or killed because of a defective product, it's important to remember that time is of the essence. Victims of product injuries have a limited time to file a legal claim—so call the product injury attorneys at Edgar Snyder & Associates today for a free case review.

When you call us, our skilled legal team will help determine whether you have a case, and what steps to take to achieve the best possible outcome. Not only will we handle the hassles for you—we will also make sure you recover the maximum amount of money for your case.

Please don't go it alone. Insurance companies and big manufacturers will have teams of lawyers waiting to defend their clients. We can help. We'll protect your legal rights and fight for what your family deserves.