How Much Will My Case Cost?

sad nursing home abuse victim

So, you may have a case, and you may need a lawyer. A common question for nursing home abuse victims is: How much does it cost to hire a nursing home abuse lawyer?

Many law firms charge by the hour, and make you pay upfront. Others say you can have a "free legal consultation" and that there's "no fee," but what does that really mean? Is there a catch?

Let us explain…

Free Legal Consultation - No Obligation

At our Pennsylvania law firm, when we say "free legal consultation," we mean exactly that. You tell us the details about the nursing home abuse you or your loved one experienced, and we tell you if we think you have a case. We'll answer your nursing home abuse questions and explain your legal options.

We provide this service absolutely free. You aren't obligated to use our law firm, and you owe us nothing.

There Really is Never a Fee Unless We Get Money for You

At Edgar Snyder & Associates, we don't charge upfront. We operate on a "contingent fee" basis, which means we won't charge you a penny unless and until we win your nursing home abuse case.

Gathering evidence, collecting records, and building a strong case costs money – lots of money. But if we don't win your case or settle the case in your favor, you won't owe us anything. It's that simple.

You may not be sure whether you have a nursing home abuse case or what your case is worth, but that's why it's so important to take advantage of our free legal consultation. Nursing home abuse is unacceptable, and your loved one deserves to take back the dignity that was stolen from them as a resident.