Do I Have a Case?

nursing home resident

Were you, or a loved one, a victim of nursing home abuse? Did someone you care about suffer from physical abuse, mental abuse, or sexual abuse while staying in a nursing home?

If so, know that nursing home residents have rights – rights to be treated with respect and dignity, rights to be free from abuse, and rights to have the nursing home make every effort to preserve their quality of life.

Unfortunately, some nursing homes violate residents' rights. They fail to supervise their employees, are understaffed, or even fail to do the correct background checks to hire staff with no record of abuse.

The bottom line – there is no excuse for nursing home abuse. If you think a nursing home abused you or a loved one, contact Edgar Snyder & Associates today. You may have a case, and it's important to learn your legal rights now.

Nursing Home Abuse Case Factors

You may have a nursing home abuse case if the nursing home:

  • Allowed one or more of the many types of nursing home abuse to occur
  • Directly or indirectly caused your injury
  • Is understaffed – some caregivers may snap under pressure when overworked and take their stress out on the patients, which is the nursing home's fault

The nursing home may not have directly caused injury to you or your loved one, but it can be held responsible if the nursing home:

  • Failed to conduct background investigations on employees who have a history of physical abuse
  • Failed to do a record check with the Pennsylvania State Licensing Division and the State Nurse's Aide Registry before hiring a new employee, who then abused you or your loved one
  • Failed to properly supervise staff members
  • Failed to hire sufficient supervisory staff
  • Failed to properly train employees on how to spot physical abuse
  • Failed to take the proper measures if you, a family member, another resident, or a staff member reported a case of potential abuse within the nursing home

There are so many case factors to consider with situations of nursing home abuse. That's why it's important to contact a law firm quickly to explain what you've observed, and to find out if you have a case against the nursing home.

Our attorneys and legal staff have seen the devastation caused by nursing home abuse firsthand. We know your loved one may be a mother or father, sister or brother, or another relative. They're an important part of your life, and they deserve to be treated with the right standard of care. Hiring a lawyer is the right choice.