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Illinois Motorcycle Helmet Law


Illinois law does not require motorcycle operators or passengers to wear helmets.

The law does, however, require drivers and riders to protect their eyes with glasses, goggles, or a transparent shield. Under Illinois law, "glasses" means ordinary eye pieces worn in front of the eye, such as spectacles or sunglasses made of shatter-resistant material. "Goggles" means a device that protects the eyes without obstructing peripheral vision. The goggles must provide protection from the front and sides, and may or may not form a complete seal with the face.

A "transparent shield" includes a windshield attached to the front of the bike, provided that it extends above the eyes when the driver is seated in a normal, upright riding position. A "transparent shield" also includes a face shield that covers the wearer's eyes and face at least to the point approximately to the tip of the nose. All transparent shields must be shatter-resistant.

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