What's My Case Worth?

What's My Case Worth

What's My Motorcycle Case Worth?

With mounting medical bills, pain and suffering, and income lost to your motorcycle accident injuries, your life has most likely changed forever. When you've suffered an injury from a motorcycle accident, it makes sense to wonder, "What's my case worth?" It's a great question, but one with many different answers.

We're here to help you understand what defines the value of your case. It's not as simple as giving you a number. We won't do that, especially when we haven't heard the specific details of your case, and we don't recommend trusting any law firm that gives you a number without speaking to you.

We suggest that you call our legal professionals for a free case review. It costs absolutely nothing, and we'll help you understand which details will add value to your case. Call us now at 412-394-1000 or simply fill out our free online legal consultation located in the top right-hand corner of this page.

Verdicts & Settlements
Our client suffered injuries after a vehicle made a left turn in front of him.

We'll Help With Your Unique Situation

Your case worth is defined by the details of your situation. We know that these details are constantly changing. Because you may incur future medical bills, lost wages, and unexpected expenses, it's important to have an experienced professional by your side, one who understands what it takes to build your case. That's why we're here.

We'll need to know the details of your motorcycle accident:

  • The extent of your injuries
  • If you've had, or will need, surgery
  • If you have any unpaid medical bills
  • If your injury is affecting your work
  • The timetable for your recovery
  • If you have any permanent damage or loss of function
  • If you have any scarring or disfigurement
  • If there were any witnesses
  • If alcohol was a factor
  • And more

It's important to remember that there is a limited amount of time to file your case. Don't hesitate. Call us now.

Over 30 Years of Helping Injured Bikers

Since 1982, we've been helping injured bikers receive the compensation they deserve. We'll help you plan for any future medical bills or unexpected costs related to your injury.

Our firm feels that bikers deserve the same respect on the road as any other driver. We have experience and success working with motorcycle accidents and standing up to big insurance companies. We'll fight them for you, and we'll handle the hassles, so you can get back to feeling better.

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Our experienced attorneys will help recover the money you deserve. Call our legal professionals at 412-394-1000 for your free legal consultation. Or, you can simply fill out our free online legal consultation in the top right corner of this page. It costs nothing, and there is no obligation to use our services.

If we win your case, you'll get the money you deserve. If we don't, then you won't owe us a single cent. That's our guarantee. There's nothing to lose. Call us today, and we'll get started on your case.