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Legal Dictionary - Glossary of Legal Terms

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Reasonable Care. The degree of care that a prudent or careful person would exercise under the same or similar circumstances.

Reasonable Man Doctrine. Also known as "Reasonable Man Standard." The standard which a person must adhere to in order to avoid civil liability for negligence is the standard of the reasonable man under all of the circumstances, including the foreseeability of harm to other persons, including the plaintiff.

Rebut. Refute, defeat or take away the effect of an argument or assumption in a legal proceeding.

Record. The official collection of all of the material filed with a court in a legal proceeding.

Records of Work Environment. Records and documents relating to workplace health, safety, hazards, and exposure.

Recovery. Generally, compensation or restriction of a right obtained as a result of the formal judgment or decree entered by a judge.

Recusal. A judge's withdrawal from hearing a lawsuit because of personal interest or prejudice.

Reinstatement of Benefits. Resumption of payment of workers compensation benefits after suspension or termination of benefits due to a recurrence of the disability which results in a loss of earning power.

Reinstatement Petition. Petition filed by an injured worker following a termination or suspension of payment of workers compensation benefits due to a recurrence of the disability which results in a lack of earning power. A reinstatement petition must be filed within three years of the date of the last workers compensation payment.

Report of Occupational Injury or Disease. When a worker is injured on the job and the worker provides proper notice of the injury to the employer, the employer must file a Report of Occupational Injury or Disease with the Bureau of Workers Compensation after 7 days but within 15 days after the date of the injury when the injury results in a disability that lasts more than a day, shift or turn of work. If an injury results in an employee's death, the employer is required to file the report with the Bureau within 48 hours. See Notice of Injury.

Respondent. The party that responds to a petition.

Reversal. The setting aside of a lower court's decision by an appellate court.

Right to Compensation. In order to be entitled to workers compensation benefits, an injured worker must establish a right to compensation. In order to establish that right, the injured worker must show an employment relationship during which an injury arose in the course of employment and is related to that employment.

Ruling. Broadly, a determination made by a judge.

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