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Legal Dictionary - Glossary of Legal Terms

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Employee. A person whose work activities are under the control of an individual or entity.

Employee Verification Form. In a workers compensation case, it's a bi-annual report of earnings to be completed by the injured employee. The form is required to be returned to the insurance carrier within 30 days of receipt or benefits may be stopped.

Employer. The person or entity whose has control over your work activities.

Ergonomics. The study of how to improve the fit between the physical demands of the workplace and the employees who perform the work. Selecting, designing and modifying equipment, tools, and the work environment are all considered.

Error. In the legal sense, a mistaken interpretation of facts or application of the law that can prove grounds for an appeal.

Escheat. The process by which a deceased person's property goes to the state if no heir can be found.

Estoppel. A person's own act, or acceptance of facts, which preclude his or her later making claims to the contrary.

Et al. And others.

Evidence. Proof of a probative matter presented at trial for the purpose of inducing belief in the minds of the jury or judge. Evidence comes in a variety of forms, including testimony, writings, tangible objects, and exhibits.

Exemplary Damages or Punitive Damages. Compensation greater than is necessary to pay a plaintiff for a loss. These damages are awarded because the loss was aggravated by violence, oppression, malice, fraud or wanton and wicked conduct on the part of the defendant. Such damages are intended to punish the defendant for his evil behavior or make an example of him or her.

Exhibit. A document or other item introduced as evidence during a trial or hearing.

Expert. A witness who may give an opinion in court based on the particular competence of that witness.

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