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Client Quotes - Workers Compensation

Cracked three ribs while lifting a patient onto their bed

I was scared to death until my investigator came through the door Nursing assistant hurt on-the-job
Somerset County, PA

Client injured leg and developed cellulitis

I wouldn't go anywhere else! Every time I talked to my attorney, I felt like I was talking to a brother. Injured coal miner
Westmoreland County, PA

Suffered a slipped disc while loading up a skid

My attorney went to bat for me. Workers compensation client
Allegheny County, PA

Suffered a torn tendon in hand

My attorney was tremendous! It was a trying year for me and everything Edgar Snyder & Associates did encouraged me to believe that there are people out there that give a darn enough to take the time to make sure that those who are injured at work, get what what is due to them - a fair shake in court Restaurant worker injured on the job
Allegheny County, PA

Client suffered facial injuries

I didn’t think I had a case until I met with Edgar Snyder & Associates. You don’t have real help until you have hired them. Construction worker injured on the job
Allegheny County, PA