Client Quotes - Pedestrian Accidents

Fractured arm and shoulder when a vehicle hit him while crossing the street

I was pleased with the fact that I was able to send all medical billing to Edgar Snyder & Associates. They handled all contact with insurance company. Injured pedestrian
Allegheny County, PA

Struck by a vehicle while crossing the street

My attorney was friendly, informative, and kind! He answered all of my questions and explained everything. I appreciate the way he treated me. Injured pedestrian
Warren County, PA, PA

Client sustained injuries to the hip and wrist

For all that I went through, I got my fair share out of it. Although nothing can compensate for what happened to me, my settlement helped. Pedestrian car accident victim
Allegheny County, PA

Client suffered right leg injuries including deep wounds

I was pleased with the timing of everything as far as how quickly Edgar Snyder & Associates handled his case and responded. They catered to all my needs. Pedestrian car accident victim
Cambria County, PA
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