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We headed toward the Liberty Tunnels and a drunk driver was coming in the opposite direction and he hit us head-on at 65 miles an hour. As soon as his lights came in my direction and then when he crossed the center line I swerved two or three times and I remember screaming and it all happened so fast. He…he hit us within seconds.

Without warning, a drunk driver devastates her life.

I could hear glass breaking the entire time. I remember my head hitting the windshield. I could actually feel my bones breaking. I watched my friend die. I remember all the sounds, all the smells—I remember everything. And I started to panic. I started to scream and that's when I realized that something was wrong inside, because I was having trouble breathing. And it turns out that I had punctures to both lungs so I had partial lung collapse. I stayed in the intensive care unit for about 10 days, where I couldn't do pretty much anything for myself. I ended up with 14 breaks from sternum to ankle. My pelvis was broken really badly, so I couldn't even sit up in bed. While I was in the intensive care unit actually is when one of the attorneys from Edgar Snyder & Associates came to my bedside to visit with me and find out what happened. My parents had called them for help.

When we met her we realized that she was devastatingly injured. We knew that Tara might never walk again.

You know, now I was this disabled person in a hospital bed and he always says on his commercials there's never a fee unless we get money for you, which in my condition— in my state—that was perfect. I purchased a home that was all one level because I was going to be in a wheelchair for a long time. And even after that I would be part-time in a wheelchair so it purchased the home that you know that suited my…my new physical needs.

It's a testament to Tara what a wonderful effort she made in her own recovery. She has just been a fighter. She's a testament to what someone who puts their mind to it can do. I'm so happy that we were able to help Tara get the one-story house that she really needs and it really has been help for her.

They've really helped me. They've helped me considerably. I could barely think for myself at that point. And to not have to burden my family, you know, with dealing with all that. It was also a good feeling to know that there was just an attorney out there who was taking care of everything for me.

We really thank Tara for allowing her story to be told, because she really shows what a drunk driver can do to just innocent people—just turn their lives upside down without warning. But we do whatever it takes to get the job done for our clients, and we do it immediately.

"I could not have done this on my own."

In an instant, life can change forever. Victims of drunk driving car crashes know this all too well, and are left with the lifelong effects that result from someone else's bad decisions.

In 2005, Tara and her friends were struck head-on by a drunk driver who crossed the center line while traveling 65 miles per hour. Tara's best friend, Tina, died instantly upon impact. Tara was left with severe injuries that still affect her to this day.

From sternum to ankle, Tara suffered 14 breaks and was admitted to the ICU for 10 days. She underwent 9 surgeries, physical therapy, and still suffers PTSD symptoms from that day.

Tara's mother knew her daughter needed serious help, and made the call to Edgar Snyder & Associates. The very next day, a member of Tara's legal team was at her hospital bedside to help. Their best advice? "Let us handle it."

And that's what she did. Working with Edgar Snyder & Associates gave Tara the peace of mind she needed to move forward. Not only that, but she could now see hope for the future. "They dealt with the insurance companies for me. I could not have done this on my own," she said.

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