Real Clients, Real Stories: Sandy

Sandy's Story

Sandy and her husband were riding their motorcycles, excited to cheer on their daughter who was running a 5K that day. They never made it to the race. As they pulled onto the highway, a motorist ran a red light and struck Sandy on her motorcycle. She doesn't remember waking up until the next day, after undergoing leg surgery. She spent five weeks in the hospital and a rehab facility recovering. At that point, Sandy and her husband weren't sure how to deal with the mounting medical bills.

Sandy remembers saying to her husband, while still in the hospital: "I'm gonna call Edgar Snyder because, with the injuries, I don't think going straight to my insurance company will do any good." Her decision to call was the right one, and she was quickly talking to an attorney at our firm. Attorneys Michael Rosenzweig and Armand Leonelli fought hard to make sure Sandy received the settlement she deserved. Even though her case is closed, she still hears from them occasionally to make sure everything's okay. Sandy is happy that she called our law firm, saying that we never stopped fighting for her.

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