Real Clients, Real Stories: She Needed Someone to Listen

Robyn's Story

Robyn's Story

"I felt like I was a person, not just a number."

The cases we handle at our law firm come in all shapes and sizes. Some involve catastrophic injuries or deaths, while others involve seemingly minor injuries that lead to chronic pain down the road. Regardless of the scope, the attorneys at Edgar Snyder & Associates treat each and every case as if it is the only one they are handling.

Robyn shared with us her story of how she was hurt on the job. Unsure of whether she even had a case "big" enough for a law firm to care about, she contacted Edgar Snyder & Associates. She was glad she did.

After a slip and fall accident at work, Robyn tore her meniscus and needed to use crutches for a year while she recovered. She was forced back to work without being physically ready, and fell a second time. Robyn's injuries worsened, leading to multiple knee surgeries and pain down the road.

After being ignored by her employer and by Workers' Comp, Edgar Snyder & Associates listened. "I mattered, and my injury mattered," she remarked. And not only that, her team helped to protect her rights as a worker so she could get a lump sum settlement to get off workers' comp and get on with her life.

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