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Real Clients, Real Stories: Pete

Pete's Story

Pete should've been on a flight to Vegas where his band was playing. Instead, only a few miles from home, his motorcycle ride turned into a nightmare. Pete was T-boned when a car ran a red light. He was thrown 100 feet and landed on his back. His injuries were severe: he suffered two collapsed lungs and a serious concussion. On his way to the hospital, he flatlined. From there, his memories get hazy. When he woke up in the hospital, his son suggested they call Edgar Snyder & Associates.

Pete's attorney, Rob Fisher, told him to "stay calm and that everything would be alright. Everything would be taken care of." He was happy to know that during his three-month recovery period, his bills would get paid. Pete was eventually able to return to his job in Vegas and learned that his case had settled. "I felt really comfortable with them. It was like [Edgar Snyder & Associates] was part of my family," Pete said. "I tell everybody—if you have an accident, give Edgar Snyder a call right away."

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