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I had gotten off the bus at the intersection. I looked. I didn't see any cars. I got three quarters of the way across the street, and then I felt the thump. I heard screaming. I looked up and I saw my husband's face and a man had gotten out of the car who was an RN and he had a hold of my shoulders and my neck. Apparently, I had some severe head injuries and he was concerned. He told me not to move. Well, I heard one person say, "where's all this blood coming from?" I was scared. I was just worried and concerned because I didn't know how badly hurt I was. And they said that I had a brain bleed. I had a broken nose. My teeth had gone through my upper lip when my face hit the hood of the car, and then once I got to ICU they told me that I had a tibia plateau fracture and I was going to have to have surgery. And my face was swelling, my eyes were going closed. I was in ICU and I opened my one eye and I said to my husband, "please call Edgar." He said to me he thought I was hallucinating. He said, "who is Edgar?" and I said, "call Edgar—Edgar Snyder," and he said, "OK." I've seen the commercials and I knew that he would be good. And he was. It makes you feel at least you don't have to worry about that. There's enough things you have to worry about. Physically, I have a lot of pain every day. More surgeries are probably going to have to be done. Who's going to pay for all this? Who's going to take care of this? And I work every day—how am I going to get back and forth to work? When I needed to sign papers Edgar Snyder met me and the papers were signed. When I had to return them they met me, Edgar Snyder met me again. I never had to go. They always came to me. Edgar Snyder came to me. In the condition I was in, there was no way I could have done this on my own. Well, I still have trouble crossing the street. I have a really hard time. They have always been very kind to me. Edgar Snyder's been very kind. All of his representatives have been wonderful, and I do recommend them every time I get a chance. Thank you. You've taken care of everything, and I know everything that could be done was done.

Mary Frances was in so much pain and it wasn't all physical. It was emotional pain, as well. She was overwhelmed, frustrated, and worried, so one of the best things that I can do as an attorney is to put her mind at ease.

"Everything was taken care of."

Mary Frances was a pedestrian crossing the street when a careless driver struck her. She remembers hearing a "thump," screaming, and then nothing else. The accident had caused severe head injuries, and she was rushed to the ICU.

As Mary Frances recovered at the hospital, she couldn't help but worry, "Who's going to pay for all of this? How will I get back and forth to work? Will I lose my home?" She knew she needed help through this time, and told her husband, "Please call Edgar!" Within hours, her legal team was at her bedside to help.

Not knowing what to expect when working with a law firm, Mary Frances describes how kind and understanding her team was, holding her hand every step of the way.

"I know that everything that could be done was done."

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