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We were tying in the last bit of pipe. The pipe came through me. I was worried that that was going be it. I have two small kids. What am I gonna do if I can't go back to work? A friend of mine told me to call Edgar Snyder. Edgar Snyder and his team are just—I mean—they were fantastic. I certainly did not have the expertise to take care of something like that myself. They did an excellent job.

Hurt on the job? Call Edgar Snyder & Associates. We're your workers' compensation lawyers.

You'd be silly not to use Edgar Snyder.

"They gave me peace of mind."

Marc, a pipeliner, was finishing up a job and tying the last bit of pipe. He turned to talk to a coworker and in that instant, his life changed. A pipe pinned him down – he heard a loud popping noise and screamed “bloody murder.” He said, “It felt like I had been hit by two buses.”

All of a sudden it was total chaos and someone was pulling the pipe off of him. Even though he was going into shock and in excruciating pain, he wouldn’t let himself pass out. With a wife and two small children at home, he worried that if he closed his eyes he would never see them again.

Once at the hospital, Marc found out that his pelvis had been crushed. One of his most vivid memories of those first hours was the drill a doctor used on his leg – it was the same kind of drill Marc used at construction sites.

As soon as the reality of his injuries set in, Marc’s questions began. “What is my future going to look like? How am I going to take care of my kids?” Those questions led to some tough times for Marc and his family and so he decided to contact an attorney.

Marc’s experience with the first attorney didn’t go as expected. It actually added to the stress of his situation. Marc couldn’t get responses from his attorney and felt like he and his family’s struggles didn’t matter at all. That’s when a friend told him to call ESA.

Because of his experiences with his first attorney – who he fired – Marc’s expectations were low. He thought he would be treated like a case number. “But that wasn’t it at all,” he said. “Edgar Snyder & Associates treated me how I would treat someone. My team told me what would happen next, gave me truthful answers, and made sure I felt comfortable. They gave me peace of mind.”

According to Marc, “You’d be silly not to use Edgar Snyder.”

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