Real Clients, Real Stories: Luke

Luke's Story

Luke was having a typical day on the job as a police chief when he was called to the scene of a traffic accident. As he tried to help an injured driver out of their vehicle. Luke's arm got caught between the steering wheel and the dashboard. The car lurched backwards, and Luke's arm was seriously injured. Luke eventually found out he'd need reconstructive surgery. He assumed he'd be able to go back to work but the extent of his injuries made that difficult. That's when he decided to call Edgar Snyder & Associates for help. "They took care of my case from soup to nuts after that. I went through the therapy and they handled everything else," Luke said.

Luke was put at ease right away. He liked how honest his attorneys were, and knowing there were no upfront fees whatsoever was a relief. Luke's team kept him informed throughout the entire process of his case. He was always able to speak to one of his attorneys when he had questions. "I'm a big Edgar Snyder & Associates fan, that's all I can tell you," Luke said. "I'd recommend them to any of my friends or family."

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