Real Clients, Real Stories: Linda

Linda's Story

Linda was riding in a friend's car on her way home from work when they were hit head-on. Their car careened down a hill and struck a pole. Linda's femur was horrifically broken and she endured multiple surgeries. She was eventually transferred to a rehab facility for two months while she learned how to walk again. During this time, Linda wasn't able to work. She'd applied for disability but it took a long time to get approved and her expenses continued to pile up. When Linda was in the hospital, someone suggested that she hire an attorney to help her with all the financial and legal battles she'd have ahead. "I'd seen Edgar Snyder & Associates commercials for many years. I had heard good things about the firm, so I called and someone came the next day and met with me," Linda said.

She was happy that someone else could take over for her since she was so injured and was feeling lost. When Linda met Attorney Christina Zaremski-Young, she felt comfortable right away. She trusted that her case would be well handled and was happy that she wouldn't have to pay any money upfront. "They stuck with me for over a year. One of my attorneys met with me at my house and said he'd seen injuries like mine before." Linda recalled. This reassured her that her team would make sure they got her the money she'd need for future medical expenses. She can't believe how well her case was handled."Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart," Linda says. "You have wonderful people working for you."

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