Real Clients, Real Stories: Klayton

Klayton's Story

"It was horrific. They had cut Klayton out but all I could see was him through the window of the ambulance," Klayton's mom remembers. "They were trying to stabilize him." Klayton was on his way home when his truck was hit head-on by another vehicle. His truck rolled over a hill three times and went through a building. He blacked out at the moment of impact and doesn't remember much from the immediate aftermath of his accident, but reports show he had to be cut out of the truck. His injuries required surgery, and Klayton was worried about all the bills he'd soon face since he'd be out of work. "I chose Edgar Snyder & Associates mainly because of their reputation and I'm glad I did. From the time I chose to go with them, I didn't lift a finger," said Klayton.

He says Attorney Brad Trust went above and beyond what he ever could have imagined. His team was willing to travel to him, every time. He never had to travel to speak to his attorney. Despite his injuries and the seriousness of his accident, he didn't worry about the outcome of his case. He remarked, "There was absolutely no way I could've handled this on my own. From the minute I asked them to take my case, I didn't lift a finger. It was quick, easy, with no issues at all."

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