Real Clients, Real Stories: Julie

Julie's Story

Julie was on her way to work, walking across a parking lot. She saw a car coming over the hill and thought she had plenty of time to cross the walkway. But in an instant, that oncoming car was traveling towards her at a high rate of speed. It hit her, sending her up onto the windshield and then rolling on the ground in the parking lot. She was eventually able to get up with help, but was having issues walking and had back pain. After a trip to the emergency room, Julie struggled to adjust to life after the accident as she awaited orthopaedic surgery. She had been working two jobs at the time, and in the aftermath of the accident, it felt like her world was flipped upside down. In addition, Julie was anxious because the insurance company wanted her to make a statement. She felt too disoriented to handle it all. At that point, she realized she needed to hire an attorney.

She contacted Edgar Snyder & Associates, and her attorney gave her some good advice: "Sit back, relax, take care of yourself. He said he would take care of everything else," Julie said. She took that advice, and continues to be thankful for all that Attorney Michael Rosenzweig and his team did. "Without them, I'm not really sure what my situation would've ended up being," Julie said. "I was off of work from one of my jobs for two months—a job that means everything to me. I was off another job for four months. You have to take time without pay, you have to heal yourself. I can say nothing but thank you. I'll be forever grateful."

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