Real Clients, Real Stories: Joanne

Joanne's Story

Joanne, a single mother of two kids, injured her thumb at work. It may not seem like much, injuring a thumb—but try driving a stick shift car, making dinner, or doing heavy lifting at work with part of your hand out of commission. Though she reported the injury to her employer, she was told to return to her normal work duties, which included heavy lifting. Eventually, while operating a piece of equipment, Joanne heard her thumb "pop," and she was unable to use her right hand. It turned out she needed surgery. When she returned to work—wearing a splint and in pain—Joanne felt that she had to struggle to get her employer to respect her doctor-ordered restrictions. She realized that she couldn't handle the fight on her own, so she decided to call our law firm.

Joanne couldn't be happier with Attorney Ryan Carroll and his team. "For the first time in months, I felt like I had someone on my side," she said. "Edgar Snyder & Associates changed our life," Joanne said. "My family went through almost a year of constant worry, constant battling, constant calling bill collectors and rationalizing with them. My children volunteered to quit school so they could work and help pay for the bills. When it was all said and done, we won the settlement. I became very emotional at the table. We were able to get everything paid. It changed our life."

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