Real Clients, Real Stories: Donna & Ken

Donna & Ken's Story

Ken and Donna were starting their morning they way they always did. A walk along the river and a quick trip to Starbucks turned into a nightmare when their car was hit by a tractor-trailer while they were crossing an intersection. Their car was spun and then thrown into a tureen. Ken wasn't breathing and Donna was frantic. Donna eventually passed out and both she and her husband were rushed to the hospital. Treatment for their injuries took days. Ken took it upon himself to call our law firm while he was in recovery. "When my husband called, Attorney Cynthia Danel was there on Monday afternoon and did a total interview with the two of us," said Donna. "She started helping us right away and I must say, Edgar Snyder & Associates is a godsend."

Attorney Danel met with Ken and Donna in the days following their accident, both at the hospital and at their home. "I felt like a human being and not a number," said Ken. He felt so relieved at how well he and his wife were taken care of by Attorney Cynthia Danel. Donna felt like a huge weight was lifted off of them as they worked with Edgar Snyder & Associates. "[The accident] took me out of my job, it took my husband out of his job. I've never been back to work. They helped us with our income and took care of everything for us," Donna said. Their settlement enabled Ken and Donna to continue living their lives without worry. Ken was able to retire earlier than planned, and he and Donna don't have to concern themselves over medical bills anymore. "You can't put a price on your health and your well-being," said Ken.

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