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I was riding my motorcycle home from work a Suburban hit me from the right-hand side. I remember in my head screaming so loud. They were telling me more than likely I was going to lose my leg. How was I going to provide for my family? I do remember Edgar Snyder’s team saying, "don't worry, we're gonna make sure you're taken care of." They got us the money we needed to pay the bills so my house didn't get taken. He really, really took care of us.

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Edgar Snyder's team was the best decision we made.

"I knew I didn't have to worry."

Derk, a husband and father of two young girls, was riding his motorcycle home from work when things quickly took a very scary turn. As he approached a fork in the road, an SUV came from a side street and struck him. Derk remembers seeing the entire accident as it happened, including the bumper of the vehicle crushing his leg.

Bystanders rushed to his side, holding up a sheet so he couldn’t see the very frightening injuries to his leg. An ambulance took him to a church so that a LifeFlight helicopter could land and transport him to the hospital. By the time he arrived at the hospital, he was unconscious. Derk had lost four pints of blood.

When Derk’s wife saw him in the hospital for the first time, her knees buckled and she fell to the ground. Derk had sustained major injuries to his leg that would eventually require multiple surgeries, as well as injuries to his shoulder, wrist, and ankle.

When Derk finally regained consciousness and understood what exactly happened, “I lost it, too,” he said. “I thought I was going to lose my leg.”

Derk spent 68 days in the hospital, and during that time, he faced some difficult questions. “How can I provide for my family?” and “Will I ever get to be ‘me’ again?” were just a few of the concerns that raced through his mind.

Derk’s wife called our law firm shortly after he was admitted to the hospital, and we visited them in the trauma center. Our first piece of advice was not to worry about the legal aspects of his case – that we’d take care of everything. “I knew I didn’t have to worry,” Derk said. “Edgar Snyder and his team are just fantastic… Edgar Snyder & Associates made me feel like I meant something to somebody… they couldn’t have cared for us more.”

It was our honor to fulfill our promise to Derk and his family. “Edgar Snyder & Associates got us everything the law allowed us to get. Laws are tricky and ESA knew them all….” He continued, “They got us the money we needed to pay the bills so my house wouldn’t get taken. He really, really took care of us. Edgar Snyder’s team was the best decision we made.”

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