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I was a certified nursing assistant. I had went in one night to answer a call bell and I fractured the disks in my back. Workman's comp only gave me advice that worked for them, not for me. That's when I decided to call Edgar Snyder & Associates. I wouldn't have gotten a settlement. I wouldn't have had a job afterwards. That was all settled with Edgar Snyder—I didn't have to worry about any of those issues again.

Hurt on the job? Call Edgar Snyder & Associates. We're your workers’ compensation lawyers.

He actually gave me my life back.

"He gave me my life back."

Denise worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant for over 30 years, a job that she loved. One day she responded to a patient’s call bell, not knowing that the next few minutes would have life-changing consequences.

This particular patient needed assistance getting out of bed, and he used Denise’s shoulder as leverage to lift himself up. The force dropped Denise to her knees, and she immediately felt back pain so severe it made her nauseous.

Despite the fact that her back was in pain and her left arm was numb, her supervisor told her to finish her shift. Not sure what else to do, Denise finished the shift and scheduled a doctor’s appointment for the next day.

It took Denise two weeks to be diagnosed with a fractured vertebra. In the meantime she hadn’t been able to return to work, and eventually received workers’ compensation benefits. Then the benefits stopped. She decided it was time to call our law firm.

After her first conversation with us, she said, “I knew this is where I needed to be.”

That impression stuck. Denise said that before hiring us, “Workers’ compensation only gave me advice that worked for them, not for me. That’s when I decided to call Edgar Snyder & Associates.” Our law firm, she said, “made it about me and what I want… gave me time to think about my options and explained my rights.”

“I wouldn’t have gotten a settlement, I wouldn’t have had a job afterwards, and that was all settled with Edgar Snyder. I didn’t have to worry about any of those issues again. He gave me my life back.”

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