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I was on a motorcycle and I heard the squeal the brakes and I was immediately threw me on the ground. Laying on the road watching the other cars go by, I knew immediately that I couldn't be in the military anymore—couldn't work as a mechanic anymore. The bills started to come in. At that point I knew I needed some legal representation. Edgar Snyder let me focus on getting better. With our settlement, we ended up purchasing a house, doing modifications to make that easier for me to get around and made my life a whole lot better.

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"Edgar Snyder let me focus on getting better."

David was riding his motorcycle to work when he came to a stop behind a driver making a left. All of a sudden he heard brakes squeal, and then the next thing he knew he was laying on the ground. A car had hit him from behind.

David said, “Laying on the road, watching the other cars go by, I knew immediately that I couldn’t be in the military anymore, couldn’t work as a mechanic anymore.”

Lots of commotion followed – a doctor and nurse who were on their way to work stopped to help. The ambulance arrived and the EMTs started checking David, cutting off his clothes and examining him. They loaded him into the ambulance and started prepping him for what would happen once they arrived at the hospital. They talked him through what would happen at the ER, what questions would be asked, and what information he should provide.

Then he arrived at the hospital, was unloaded from the ambulance, and got an x-ray. That’s when things got quiet – really quiet. David had a T10 – T12 spinal cord injury. He was paralyzed from the waist down.

David’s attitude following his diagnosis was incredible. “I wasn’t upset,” he said. “I’m a mechanic. I fix things. I work with what I have.” He said that he quickly accepted that this was now what he “had to work with.” He even asked a nurse about ways he could help the newly injured. “But you are the newly injured!” he remembers her saying.

Even though he had come to terms with his injury, there were still obstacles ahead. While David was in the hospital, he received some surprising news. What seemed like an open-and-shut case was more complicated. The officer who filed the accident report said that the crash was David’s fault. He was stopped and rear-ended by a careless driver – he was the victim, not the one to blame. David needed a lawyer.

He and his wife called our law firm, and say that they established a good relationship with their attorney during their very first meeting at the hospital. David said it was a “relief” when we took his case. “A lot of pressure had been put on my wife. All of that then went to Edgar Snyder & Associates. We let our attorney deal with everything,” he explained.

After hiring our law firm, we got to work on David’s case right away. We were able to prove what actually happened – that David was a totally innocent victim. We dealt with hospital and medical bills and the insurance company. We were able to get David a settlement that allowed him to move into a new home that was adapted to accommodate his wheelchair.

“Edgar Snyder let me focus on getting better. With our settlement we ended up purchasing a house and doing the modifications we needed to make it easier for me to get around and make my life a whole lot better,” he said.

David’s injury didn’t affect only him. His wife, Karen, had her own experience with our firm. “My wife had someone she could talk to,” he said. Karen agreed, saying that her attorney was someone she could always call if she was having a hard time. “It went beyond legal counsel,” she said. “I still call my attorney even though my case is settled,” David added.

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