Real Clients, Real Stories: Clare

Clare's Story

Picking up her son and his friends from sports practice was a normal activity for Clare. But on this particular day, nothing would remain ordinary. Clare's car was rear-ended, pushed across two lanes of highway, and flipped around on the berm. Clare's first thought was to check on her son and his friend to make sure that they were okay. She was able to walk and assumed she was also fine, despite her pain. It would turn out that she wasn't. The insurance company called shortly after her accident, wanting her to settle over the phone. Clare had no idea how her injuries would affect her ability to work and live in the future. She was nervous about talking to an insurance company on her own and felt she was being forced to make decisions she wasn't ready to make.

A few months after the crash, Clare was still suffering injuries from the accident. Her job is in fitness, and she realized she couldn't move as well as she did before. "A friend of mine highly recommended Edgar Snyder & Associates," Clare said. "The very first time I spoke with [Attorney Jason Lichtenstein], he had such compassion and care. He was incredibly thorough and very helpful with every step." Clare felt like her attorney and team really cared, working their hardest to get her back to "doing everything I love to do."

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