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I was coming down West Liberty Avenue and there was a gas station at the corner. I had a blinking yellow light and the lady had a blinking red light. She just went through it and my option was either to… we were either going to collide or try to veer off into the gas station. My car went airborne and into a pole, and I took a couple steps to try to get help and then I just I just collapsed there—just collapsed just laying there. Once I saw how much blood there was I couldn't really move couldn't really do anything and I thought that I thought that this was the end—that this was how I was gonna go out. Yeah, I was very frustrated. I didn't understand how someone could, you know, cause an accident and leave. I didn't know what to do, so the next day we called the insurance company to let them know everything that happened. They told us to retain a lawyer and I've never had to get a lawyer before and I never knew anyone and an Edgar Snyder commercial came on and I said, well let's let's start there—let's start there. Once I met my attorney it just sealed the deal for me—I made the right choice with Edgar Snyder. From the very start it was a great, amazing process. They investigated the scene of the accident, all the way to the background of the person and everything that went into it. I could not have handled it by myself. Brian's a young guy but even so he was wise enough to know that he couldn't handle the situation on his own, so he contacted us and we got involved from the very beginning.

They helped me to put such a traumatic event in my life behind me.

"I thought this was the end."

Bryan was driving through an intersection when a careless driver plowed through a blinking red light and forced Bryan to swerve to avoid her. His car was launched airborne, and straight into a utility pole. Bryan collapsed, thinking, "This is the end." The other driver fled the scene.

Bryan is lucky to be alive. His accident resulted in head lacerations that required 30 stiches and 20 staples. While recovering in the hospital, he saw an Edgar Snyder & Associates commercial, and thought, "Why not call?"

From the very start, Bryan was impressed with how the investigators, attorneys, and legal assistants, made everything so smooth. With no experience dealing with the legal system, his team at Edgar Snyder & Associates helped him put this terrible time behind him. "They were so laid back and always checking in with me. It felt more like family," he remarked.

Bryan shared with us what it was like working with Edgar Snyder & Associates, and how they helped him put a traumatic part of his life behind him.

"They were fantastic from top to bottom!"

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