Real Clients, Real Stories: Bryan

Bryan's Story

Bryan was on his motorcycle, riding home after his internship at Penn State University. A driver struck him and caused major injuries to his internal organs. Not only was Bryan placed into a medically-induced coma for five weeks after his accident—he also had no memory of anything that had happened up to a week and a half before he was struck on his motorcycle. He wasn't able to alert anyone that he'd recently closed his bank account, leaving him with just $600 in his wallet. He suffered serious memory and speech problems and it took him weeks to begin to recover. When he got home from the hospital, Bryan decided to call Edgar Snyder & Associates.

Attorneys Cynthia Danel and Rob Fisher worked on Bryan's case. "I was very relieved. The reason I ended up picking them was because they were most likely to resolve the issue without having to go to litigation," Bryan said. As a poor college student, Bryan was confident in the Edgar Snyder & Associates policy of not having to pay upfront. He was able to get settlement money not just for the insurance payout—but for his pain and suffering, too. Bryan feels grateful for how his experience with Edgar Snyder & Associates has given peace of mind to himself and his wife for all the years they will have together in their future.

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