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There was a light and we stopped for the light and when the light changed green, we proceeded. And a gentleman in a pickup truck was coming towards us on the other side of the highway and he was making it would be his left—and he just went right into us.

One more light and we're on our way home, and the next thing I heard myself saying is, "Oh my god!" and we were hit from the side. It was kind of frightening because you know, I knew Joyce was hurt and I know, hurt myself.

And it's like, "What happened," you know? You just can't imagine that something could have hit you. Yeah, it was an experience I would not want to go through again. It was horrible. My wrist was broken and several fingers on his right hand were were really bent. And then I had a few broken ribs also. We actually talked them into letting us go into the ambulance together, which they never do. They wanted to take us separately and I said, "Oh no, I'll just be worried about him the whole way, so could we please go together?"

Our friend was there and he said, "Bo we saw the car and we know that Joyce is in surgery. We think that you ought to take professional advice beyond your own insurance company because there's going to be a need, and you don't know what the extent of these injuries are." The next thing you know, here I am with the phone talking to the partner and out of his mouth comes, "We got you covered, don't worry we'll take care of this. You take care and get healed."

Their advice was to "let us handle it." That's the first thing they said, which made me feel wonderful.

Basically the message was: "We got you covered. Don't worry; you know we'll take care of everything. You just worry about getting healed." That just set the tone from that point on.

Constantly gave us the service that I think was above and beyond. I just felt that Edgar Snyder made us feel like we were their only clients—like, you know, this was it. This was their only case that they had to deal with.

It's not who you are or what you are. It's the fact that you're somebody in need. And that's what they do—they take care of you during your time of need.

When Bo and Joyce contacted me, they were very distraught, and I met with them and I tried to reassure them that Edgar Snyder would take care of all the details from the beginning through the end. And all they had to worry about was getting themselves better.

"They made us feel like we were their only clients."

Bo and Joyce were just minutes from home when the side of their vehicle was struck by a drunk driver. The frightening experience left the couple with severe injuries and trauma that they will never forget. They knew they needed help, and contacted Edgar Snyder & Associates from the hospital.

Bo and Joyce described to us how their team was there for them in a time when they needed help most.

For anyone who is injured in an auto accident, dealing with the insurance company can be an overwhelming experience. Unfortunately, insurance companies don't always have their customers' best interests in mind. Bo and Joyce knew this, and trusted Edgar Snyder & Associates to handle the ins and outs of their case. Joyce remarked, "I wasn't relying on our insurance company, I was relying on Edgar Snyder & Associates."

Bo and Joyce were impressed with how their team went above and beyond to fight for them. Throughout this chaotic time in their lives, they knew their team was on their side. It took the weight and worry off of their shoulders. Bo said, "It was calming to know you had a team."

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The next thing I heard myself saying is "oh my god" and we were hit from the side.

We needed help from someone so that's why we contacted Edgar Snyder & Associates.

I went from a traumatic blow to an elated high. Here was somebody that was saying that they're going to take care of what we need to have covered and got me to the point where we could concentrate on just getting well.

If you've been hurt call Edgar Snyder & Associates.

We relied on Edgar Snyder & Associates for everything.

We couldn't have done it without them.

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