Real Clients, Real Stories: Employers Aren’t Always on Your Side

Alex's Story

"It was like a family member giving me advice."

Alex, who drove a delivery truck, stopped to deliver food to a customer. Shortly after getting out of his truck, he was clipped in the head by a speeding motorist in a hit-and-run accident. Alex has no memory of what happened next, but apparently he continued to work. He made his deliveries not realizing that his shirt was covered in blood.

When Alex showed up to work the next day, his employer told him he needed to go to the hospital, and once there, his employer gave him a termination notice. “I felt lied to,” he said, “Left to drown in my own situation.”

Alex was in no condition to sort through his employment and legal battles, so his family started researching his options. That’s when they told him to hire our law firm.

According to Alex, his experience with Edgar Snyder & Associates was, “Awesome… it wasn’t a strictly client relationship.” He said that he could talk to his attorney about what he was going through and vent about his frustrations. “It was like a family member giving me advice,” he said.

Our reassurance that we would be able to help him proved to be true. As a result of his settlement, Alex was able to buy a house, move, and get a job that he loves. “Edgar Snyder & Associates took the burden from me so I could get on my feet and carry on as though my accident hadn’t happened,” Alex said.

He continued, “If I would have not taken the advice to hire Edgar Snyder to defend me, I would have had to go back and live with family or be homeless. Those would’ve been my only two options.”

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