Client Quotes - Car Accident

Client nearly died after being hit head-on by another car

Kudos to my attorney! She made it clear that she was going to be tenacious and was not going to surrender. I cannot say enough! Victim of a head-on auto collision
Allegheny County, PA

School van accident left child with injuries to eye, face, and hip

Edgar Snyder & Associates took the extra steps to make sure my kids were comfortable. They went above and beyond. Parent of child hurt in a school van accident
Allegheny County, PA

After being rear-ended while stopped at an intersection, our client suffered a concussion and shoulder rotator tear

Everyone was nice, honest, and upfront; they are good people. It was like my attorney and team were holding my hand through this journey. Auto accident victim
Allegheny County, PA

Car accident left our client with a severe concussion

My attorney took the time to come to my house or to meet me when I couldn’t come to the office. He was very empathetic and sympathetic. Victim of a car accident
Trumbull County, OH

Suffered multiple injuries to neck, back, and legs

I was very, very satisfied with Edgar Snyder & Associates. If I didn’t have them, I may have lost everything – even my home. Car accident victim
Blair County, PA