Client Quotes - Car Accident

Car accident left our client with severe injuries to her hand

Everyone at Edgar Snyder & Associates was very helpful. Just like the commercial says, “the attorneys answer your questions and handle things for you”—and that’s true! Car accident victim
Allegheny County, PA

Client was hit head-on after a driver lost control in a road-rage-induced chase

Edgar Snyder & Associates treated me like a person and not just a client. They cared about what would happen to my family and me. Car accident victim
Allegheny County, PA

Car making an illegal left turn hit our client, leaving him with a collapsed lung and broken sternum

Edgar Snyder & Associates got results. Nothing ever happened with the insurance company until I got an attorney. Then things happened quickly. Victim of an auto accident
Allegheny County, PA

Client injured after being t-boned by a vehicle running a red light

My attorney did a hell of a job. He took his time to explain everything and was always concerned about my welfare. Car accident victim
Allegheny County, PA

Serious injuries after a collision with a vehicle driving the wrong way up a ramp

I got a feeling from them that they genuinely cared about what was going on. I’m going to miss them—I feel like they are my friends! Auto Accident Victim
Westmoreland County, PA