Heavy Machinery Job Site Accidents

Heavy Machinery

Injured in a Heavy Machinery Accident?

Job sites with heavy machinery have no shortage of accidents waiting to happen. Employers might force employees to operate equipment before they are fully trained. Even if you are fully trained and experienced, heavy machinery may be defective, or not properly maintained.

Heavy machinery accidents can cause devastating injuries, even leading to paralysis and death. Workers are entitled to a safe work space. When you're involved in a heavy machinery accident, you can trust Edgar Snyder & Associates to investigate every detail of your situation.

Heavy Machinery Dangers

Simply put, heavy machinery can be dangerous. Some types of machinery are so large that it's hard to operate – at times, an operator may not even be able to see the areas around them. Other risks include pieces of heavy machinery striking those nearby, or pinning workers between them. As you're already aware, there are safety regulations to help protect workers around these machines.

But when there's negligence on a jobsite, safety regulations can do little to prevent accidents. Employers may push their workers to the limits, having them operate equipment before they're ready. There may be other companies operating the equipment and causing unsafe conditions. Or, old and faulty machinery may simply not be safe for use.

With so many changing details, we don't recommend investigating your accident on your own. After your heavy machinery injury, hiring a lawyer is probably the last thing on your mind. But work sites can change quickly, and valuable evidence can be lost. Don't hesitate to contact our law firm so that we can piece together what caused your heavy machinery accident.

Are You Entitled to More than Workers' Compensation?

Sometimes, a heavy machinery accident on the job can mean more than workers' compensation. Depending on the details of your situation, you may be entitled to compensation from a personal injury case. If another company (such as an outside contractor operating machinery on the worksite) played a part in your injury, you may have what is called a third-party claim.

You can trust us to determine whether your work accident is workers' compensation, or if it's something more – you just focus on recovery. We're committed to simplifying the many complicated processes, and we promise that you'll never pay us a fee unless we're successful. We can help you get the money you deserve to care for yourself and your family.

Types of Heavy Machinery Accidents

Heavy machinery accidents can involve: