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When you work on a commercial ship, your office isn't in a skyscraper – it's the open water and all that it offers. Working on an industrial boat is a way of life and very different from any job out there. However, it also comes with the possible risk of serious accidents, life-changing injuries, and even death.

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We'll Handle Your Commercial Boating Accident

Commercial boating accidents can be the result of many different situations. Whether it's careless operation, deck fires, or even faulty equipment, our attorneys will help you get the money you deserve. We'll provide you with the legal assistance you need for working on any of the following boats:

  • Barges
  • Commercial Fishing
  • Industrial Shipping
  • Tugboats
  • Transportation
  • And many more

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Get Help with All Types of Boating Accident Injuries

When you're dealing with an injury, the last thing you need to worry about is filing legal claims and filling out endless insurance paperwork. But, with your medical bills piling up and missed time at work, what choice is there?

We're here to handle the hassles of your case, so you can focus on feeling better. Our legal professionals will take care of the details, keeping you up-to-date with your case's progress and answering any legal questions you have.

We'll handle any boating injury type, including:

Since 1982, we've recovered over $1 billion dollars for our injured clients. Check out our verdicts and settlements page for examples of the cases we've won. We're committed to getting you the money you deserve, and we'll fight for your legal rights.