Scars may not be life-threatening injuries. But anyone with scars may tell you that they can be just as traumatizing as other serious injuries. To many accident victims, scars are a constant reminder of what they went through. And for people whose scars are still recent, they may have a hard time accepting the change in their appearance.

Scars are a big deal, but the insurance company will likely try to offer you a settlement that doesn't do justice to the self-consciousness and embarrassment you suffer because of your scar. That's why we're here. Research has shown that you're much more likely to receive more compensation when you hire an experienced attorney to represent you.

At Edgar Snyder & Associates, we've seen firsthand how scars affect people emotionally, as well as any other injuries they suffered from an accident. We've helped thousands of accident victims, and we're ready to help you too.

Why Scar Cases Are Complicated

Scar cases can be very complicated, and there are many factors to consider, including:

  • The accident that led to your scar
  • The severity of your scar
  • The location of your scar
  • Your age
  • The number of corrective surgeries you needed or will need
  • Other injuries that could make the scars worse
  • Expert medical advice from plastic surgeons and other physicians

How Edgar Snyder & Associates Can Help

If you, or your child, have scars from a dog attack, a car accident, or another type of accident that was someone else's fault, you're probably frustrated, angry, and upset. You may have lots of questions, and the insurance company may be offering you a settlement.

It's time to get some legal advice from one of our experienced attorneys. We have the experience, resources, and knowledge of the legal system to get you the highest amount possible for your scar case.

At Edgar Snyder & Associates, we have a track record of success. But we go beyond that. We also take care of the hassles – we deal with the confusing paperwork, help you figure out your medical bills, answer your questions quickly, and treat you with respect. We know nothing can take away the scar, but we work hard to give you peace of mind and get you the money you deserve.

If you're still unsure whether hiring a lawyer would be worth it, know that there's never a fee unless we get money for you.

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