Ready 2 Ride: Ultimate Rider Experience Giveaway

At Edgar Snyder & Associates and Snyder's Riders, we share your passion for the open road. This year, we're giving away more than $4,000 worth of motorcycle-themed goods to take your riding experience to the next level!

It's free to enter, and you can earn extra entries by liking and following the Snyder's Riders and Edgar Sndyer & Associates social media pages. Plus, you can enter daily to increase your chances of winning.

How to Enter?

To enter, fill out the official form and make sure to check the appropriate box to become a free member of Snyder's Riders. As a member, you'll receive our monthly Snyder's Riders "Tune-Up" Newsletter, special "member's only" previews of our upcoming YouTube videos, unique Snyder's Swag (available at select events), and a free insurance review. Most importantly, you'll have priority legal assistance from Edgar Snyder & Associates if you're hurt in a motorcycle accident. You'll find the Snyder's Riders Hotline phone number on the back of your membership card.

Prize Package

  • $1000 Cycle Gear Gift Card/Personal Shopping Experience! As our winner, you'll receive a personal shopping experience with our safety partner at Cycle Gear/Allison Park. The experts at Cycle Gear will provide you with customized riding gear, parts, and/or accessories to fit your riding style, personality, and your bike.
  • Private ProRider/Police Skills for Civilians Course. Discover the techniques of a professional motor-officer during this private 4-hour ProRider course. You and three of your riding buddies will learn the skills necessary to confidently perform figure 8’s, “full lock” circles and sharp right-hand turns from a stop. Learn the “hidden” techniques to master the infamous “iron cross” as well as advanced stopping and swerving skills.This course is guaranteed to take your slow-speed skills to the next level increasing your overall riding enjoyment and command of your ride!
  • Private Stayin'Safe/Advanced Rider Training. Recognized as the premier "on-road" motorcycle training program in the country, Stayin'Safe combines advanced road reading skills, dynamic lane positioning, braking, shifting, and speed management techniques. Learn what it means to "ride with purpose" as you discover how to maximize your riding experience. Improve confidence through curves while you fine-tune your shifting and braking skills. Discover HOW to read the road ahead, eliminating surprises, turning potential issues into non-issues and developing “Jedi-like” riding skills improve your riding enjoyment while increasing your safety.
  • Private Photo Shoot. Memories to last a lifetime as this professional photo shoot captures you and your bike in a series of unique, "motorcycle" driven themes. Proudly display your completed pictures that are perfectly captured with a series of poses and angles that are sure to bring you and the personality of your bike to life!

Bonus: Check back often as we'll be adding more prizes throughout the motorcycle season to sweeten the ride!

About Snyder's Riders

Snyder's Riders is dedicated to creating a community of motorcyclists committed to protecting themselves and their loved ones. We seek to provide our members with the latest in motorcycle safety information, training programs, and accident prevention technologies.

At Snyder's Riders, "We Ride Alongside" We ensure that you and your family receive the utmost care, concern, and compensation should you become the victim of someone else's actions. Join us and lead by example in promoting Shared Responsibility among motorists and motorcyclists.


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