Operation StrongVet

Operation StrongVet

We're Proud to Support Operation StrongVet

Our law firm is proud to support Operation StrongVet, a wonderful organization committed to assisting veterans as they return to civilian life. StrongVet's goal is to integrate veterans back into their communities through the help of local supporters.

Edgar Snyder

In Western Pennsylvania, the unemployment rate among returning veterans is nearly 69% higher than the national unemployment rate. Southwestern PA has the nation's highest ratio of Vets to civilians but the lowest rate of transition into the labor market.

Operation StrongVet is doing everything they can to reduce those numbers and get our veterans back to work and back to their communities.

Helping Those Who Served

Many veterans have put their lives on the line to serve our country. Yet, when they return from duty, Southwestern Pennsylvanian vets struggle to find work. In fact, according to Operation StrongVet's website, young veterans are 3 times more likely to be homeless than their civilian counterparts.

With help from community members, sponsors, and volunteers, Operation StrongVet supports the welfare of our veterans by offering them assistance as they integrate back into their communities.

Through the efforts of local nonprofits, veterans are able to move themselves towards independence after returning from active duty and years of service.

These nonprofits include:

  • City Mission – job training, coaching services, cognitive behavioral training, among other vet exclusive residential services
  • Neighborhood Legal Services – helpful legal counseling for veterans as they transition back into their communities
  • Pittsburgh Mercy Health System – physical and behavioral services available to veterans in order to help during their transition
  • ELeVATE – job training and college degree programs working in association with the University of Pittsburgh

Interested in Helping Our Nation's Vets?

If you're interested in helping our nation's veterans, please visit Operation StrongVet online. You can find more information about their program, as well as donate or honor the memory of a fallen veteran.

As civilians, it's our responsibility to look after our returning veterans – those who risked their lives in the name of our freedom. We're proud to support this inspirational program, and we hope you'll join us in supporting Western Pennsylvania's service men and women.