Partnering With Animal Friends

Why We Support Animal Friends

Because Edgar Snyder & Associates helps victims seriously injured by dog bites, some animal lovers think our law firm is against dogs. In fact, it's just the opposite.

Dogs deserve love and a good home – not abuse and neglect. Whether you have a golden retriever, a pit bull or a mutt, it's how owners treat their dogs that determines their pets' behavior. That's where Animal Friends comes in. This no-kill shelter offers a multitude of resources, such as dog training classes and opportunities to socialize your dog with other canines and people.

Apply for a Dog Training Scholarship for Your Furry Pal at Animal Friends!

Animal FriendsAnimal Friends offers a variety of canine training opportunities. Plus, staff and volunteers evaluate dogs' behavior when they arrive at the shelter, socialize them with animals and people, and find the best fit for their forever homes.

We're pleased to offer the chance to win a scholarship for you and your dog to one of Animal Friends' training classes:

How to Apply

  1. First, learn more about Kinderpuppy, Dog Manners, and the other obedience training classes held at Animal Friends by clicking here.
  2. Next, just send us an email telling us how your dog could benefit from an Animal Friends training program.
  3. Scholarship recipients are chosen each quarter.

Learn more about Animal Friends, or visit them in the North Hills of Pittsburgh at 562 Camp Horne Road, and be sure to watch this video about the shelter:

Visit Our Dog Safety Resource Center

We promote dog safety and injury prevention, so we decided to partner with Animal Friends to promote responsible dog ownership. We also created a Dog Safety Resource Center filled with laws, resources, and safety tips that impact you.

Dog Bite Infographic

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