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"Be Safe" Injury Prevention Website

Our law firm is proud to support the "Be Safe" Injury Prevention Website of Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Attorney Edgar Snyder has been involved in the personal injury field for over 40 years. Too many times, he has had to talk to the families of children who have been seriously hurt in accidents that could have been prevented if someone had known just a little more about safety.

That's why our law firm is excited about the endowment which funded the injury prevention website at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. If this website can prevent just one child from making a trip to Children's Hospital's emergency room, then it will be a success.

The site is organized to appeal to everyone in the family—young children, teens, parents, grandparents—and caregivers as well. Filled with fun and educational animations and safety information, the site's resources show families how to prevent injuries around the home and out in the community, helping keep our most precious commodity—our children—safe.

The site is updated regularly with seasonal and other information. We encourage you to share the resources provided on this site with your friends and loved ones. Learn more by visiting the "Be Safe" Injury Prevention Website.