Central Pennsylvania Community Service

Ebensburg Art in Bloom Spring Art Show

Edgar Snyder & Associates is a proud sponsor of the annual Art in Bloom Spring Art Show, which is held at the Cambria County Courthouse. This free event features artwork from artists all over Pennsylvania.

For more information, visit Ebensburg Main Street Art in Bloom.

Ebensburg Youth League Baseball & Softball Sponsorship

Edgar Snyder & Associates is proud to be a sponsor of the Ebensburg Youth League, an organization that administers Little League and T-Ball programs on a local level. Baseball and softball are important in the Ebensburg community, and our law firm is honored to be a part of the athletic development of Ebensburg-area children.

Ebensburg Youth League T-Ball and Little League games are played at Lake Field, Lions Field, and Memorial Field. As sponsor of this organization, Edgar Snyder & Associates has a sign hanging at each of the three baseball diamonds. Stop by and check them out!

Holiday Safety Programs & Events in Central Pennsylvania

At Edgar Snyder & Associates, we are proud to participate in a number of holiday programs and events in Altoona, Johnstown, Ebensburg, and the rest of the central Pennsylvania region.

Take A Cab

Take A Cab provides free cab rides home on New Year's Eve for people in Blair County who don't want to drink and drive. We sponsor Take A Cab in conjunction with WTAJ-TV and Pyramid Healthcare. We are happy to say that since the program was established over 10 years ago, hundreds of drivers have been safely driven home. In fact, not one drunk driving fatality has occurred in the county during New Year's Eve celebrations since Take A Cab began. If you are in need of a ride on New Year's Eve, you can call Take A Cab at 814-947-6805.


WALY-Warmth is a very special program that we sponsor for WALY 103.9 FM. Each December, WALY-Warmth volunteers take underprivileged children shopping for winter clothes. Since its establishment in 1991, the program has helped hundreds of needy children.

Holiday Mocktails

Another offering is our list of Holiday Mocktails. During the winter months, friends and family come together to celebrate. These celebrations don't need to be ruined breaking social host laws to serve alcohol to underage guests, or by letting people drive home drunk. There are plenty of delicious, alcohol-free beverages that you can enjoy at all of your holiday parties.

Holiday Lights on the Lake at Lakemont Park

During the holiday season, Edgar Snyder & Associates sponsors the "Surfin Santa" light display at historic Lakemont Park in Altoona. The light displays attracts over 100,000 visitors each year. To learn more, visit the the Lakemont Park website.

Officer Phil Program

Edgar Snyder & Associates is a proud sponsor of the Officer Phil program. The program goes to elementary schools in the Altoona area and teaches them about safety and crime prevention in a fun way.

For more information, visit the Officer Phil website.

Ebensburg PotatoFest

Edgar Snyder & Associates is a proud Yukon Gold Sponsor of the Annual Ebensburg PotatoFest.

This annual event brings 20,000 plus people to Ebensburg each year and continues to grow. For more information, visit the Ebensburg PotatoFest website.

Hot 100 Prom Pledge

For the past several years, Edgar Snyder & Associates has teamed with this Central PA radio station to sponsor this important event. We have the opportunity to talk to hundreds of high school students about the dangers of drug and alcohol use. We are proud to help them celebrate life wisely, with positive memories of their prom night.

We encourage you to make the pledge a part of your life.

This year's Prom Pledge:

  • I pledge not to use alcohol or drugs.
  • I take this pledge seriously.
  • I take this pledge for myself, my friends, and my family.

Safe Trick-or-Treat Neighborhood in Altoona, Pennsylvania

Edgar Snyder & Associates is proud to partner with Forever Broadcasting, including radio stations such as Froggy 98, Rocky 104.9, WALY, Hot 100, and more, to sponsor Safe Trick-or-Treat Neighborhood.

Safe Trick-or-Treat Neighborhood is an event that takes the fun of Halloween and puts it indoors, inside of Altoona's Jaffa Shrine. A wonderful Halloween trick-or-treating experience for kids, this event enables children to enjoy the spooky holiday in a warm, safe environment.


Edgar Snyder & Associates is a proud sponsor of WALY-Warmth, a program that buys winter clothing for underprivileged children in the Altoona area. Each December, the children go on a shopping trip for their new clothes, and for some, it is the only Christmas they have.

WALY-Warmth was established in 1991 and has helped hundreds of children throughout the years.

Ebensburg Wheels & Wings

Edgar Snyder & Associates is proud to sponsor Ebensburg's annual Wheels & Wings biker gathering. This motorcycle community event features a car, truck, and motorcycle show, as well as a wing-off competition.

For more information, visit the Ebensburg Wheels & Wings website.