“Words to be Heard”

Edgar Snyder & Associates Scholarship Contest

Rachel Moyer

Rachel Moyer This student created a brochure, "Student Checkpoint," that illustrates her program. The content of that brochure is below.

Thank you for entering the Student Checkpoint. This is going to be a real life experience that will teach you the consequences of teen drinking. Chances are you will not regret this experience. You will live the life of a teen who has received a citation for Underage Drinking or Driving Under the Influence. As a group, students will come together to understand what it feels like to be convicted of this crime. This program was founded to help teens avoid suffering these consequences in real life. So go ahead and get real—participate.

Many teens fall under peer pressure each year, whether it is using drugs, alcohol, or driving under the influence. Many of these very same kids are caught by the police and arrested. These convicted teens have the choice to learn and grow from this experience, but many choose not to. Our job at Student Checkpoint is to have students learn before they are in this position. Education is the number one anti-drug.

At Student Checkpoint we take a different approach to educating teens on underage drinking and driving under the influence. We found that hands-on, real life scenarios are the most effective method of learning. We want our members of Student Checkpoint to see what it feels like to suffer the consequences of being arrested for underage drinking and/or driving under the influence.

One of the biggest punishments by law is for a teen to lose their license. We all know how important driving is to teens. How would you react to losing your license for 90 days? For teens, getting their license is a huge milestone. Many teens are extremely dependent on their cars. Driving gives teens a sense of independence. When they get their license they can finally say, "Now I don't have to call for my parents to pick me up!" Well, some teens don't remember the freedom they have when someone asks them if they want to try alcohol or drink and drive. Maybe these teens finally realize the freedom they have once they are blowing into the Breathalyzer. Maybe some teens realize the freedom they had once they are sitting in the front seat of the car with their parent.

At Student Checkpoint, we want our members to know what this feels like. We want our members to realize the freedom they have before it's too late.

Student Checkpoint actually removes members' licenses for a week. We make our members pledge not to drive, even without their license. This week gives the teen a sense of what it feels like to lose their license.

Our goal at Student Checkpoint is to prevent these teens from losing their licenses by law for a crime such as underage drinking or drinking and driving. This real life scenario has so much potential to teach kids more than they have ever learned in the classroom. There is more to Student Checkpoint than this. There are various other requirements that the student must agree to. The main benefit of this program is for teens to value their life and to value their freedom. We want the teens of our world to make good choices, and we believe this program is helping them do that. There are other benefits to this program as well – read on and find out!

Requirements of Student Checkpoint Members:

  • Must attend weekly meetings for one marking period at their high school
  • Must agree to have their license removed for one week, and must agree NOT to drive without license
  • Must complete a written paper at the beginning, explaining what they are anticipating throughout the weeks
  • Must complete a written paper at the end, explaining what they have learned through the experience

Rewards after completing the Student Checkpoint Program:

  • Students can earn up to three college credits, depending on the college or university
  • A certificate of completion
  • Students will automatically be entered into a drawing for a scholarship of $500

Thank you for your cooperation at our Student Checkpoint. Make this the only one you encounter.