Winter Holiday Mocktails

Winter Holiday Mocktails

Find Great Holiday Mocktail Recipes to Prevent Drinking and Driving

'Tis the season for family gatherings, friendly parties, and business get-togethers to celebrate the holiday season. Along with good times and great food, alcohol is often part of the mirth and cheer of these holiday parties.

Drinking and driving is an issue all year round, but it's especially prevalent during the holidays. Coupled with the inclement weather, drinking and driving can turn the joy and happiness of the holidays into a tragic time of year.

So if you're hosting a holiday party, consider these delicious non-alcoholic alternatives when serving your guests. Not only will they help prevent drinking and driving, they offer an opportunity to showcase your creativity as a party host.

Try Our Great Mocktail Recipes

Have a brilliant beverage or delicious drink of your own? Feel free to contact our Marketing Team to submit your mouth-watering holiday mocktail. If you are able to send us a picture, we might feature it on our site.

Know PA's Social Host Laws

Did you know you could be held responsible for those who drink at your party? The state of Pennsylvania has laws in place to prevent adults from serving alcohol to minors, and this includes them drinking at parties. In fact, you can be held responsible if an underage person drinks at your party, leaves, and causes an accident or injury.

These laws are called Social Host Liability. It's stated that the host will be held responsible for any underage drinking – even if they were unaware that minors were consuming alcohol at their party.

Know the laws and protect yourself – along with everyone else – this holiday season.