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Find Edgar

How It All Started

In 1982, Edgar Snyder started his law practice knowing that he wanted to help people who needed it. What he didn’t know was that his strategy for getting the word out about his services would become one of the most utilized advertising tactics employed by attorneys today.

His signature point, the catch phrase “there’s no fee unless we get money for you,” and even his very own persona has become engrained in the pop culture of Western Pennsylvania and beyond. What started as a small newspaper ad for legal services quickly turned into a multi-year, multimedia advertising campaign that not only educated the public but also set the stage for legal marketing as a whole. Arguably, Edgar Snyder blazed the trail for attorney advertising nationwide that we continue to see today.

Other attorneys followed suit, and now nearly all lawyers mention the contingency fee portion of the service agreement. Everyone touts the “no fee unless you win” language, and many advertisements for legal services all look the same. Close your eyes. Think about the last legal ad you saw on television. Picture the lawyerly-looking attorney, suit on, briefcase in hand, walking stately next to a courthouse. See them diligently working in a conference room with legal pads and books. Maybe they even cross their arms, look tough, and promise they will work hard when you hire them. There may be X-rays and concerned handshakes and hugs. The voice over will share the details and instructions inviting viewers to call for an initial consultation. They. Are. All. The. Same.

What Sets Us Apart

We aren’t the same as the rest – Edgar Snyder set the bar for how clients should be treated. His standards and expectations are engrained in every part of our law firm. That’s why we are excited to announce that the “Find Edgar”SM brand has been launched and a new era of legal advertising has begun. When someone needs help, they need to find a law firm that has the talent, resources, and legal muscle to get them the results they deserve. When someone needs help…that’s when they need to “Find Edgar”SM. You can find Edgar in every aspect of our firm services.

Find Edgar in Everything We Do

When someone is concerned enough about their wellbeing to consult an attorney, we know that families need a strong, formidable champion to lean on until they are back securely on their feet. Edgar set the expectation for consistent communication, compassion, and unequivocable results (more than $1 billion and counting). He made sure that clients were treated like family and that the relationship extended far beyond when the case was completed. The culture at Edgar Snyder & Associates is client-first, pull out all the stops, and exceed expectations at every opportunity. That’s Edgar. And that’s what you get when you contact us.

Now more than ever, clients need to understand that the attorney you choose truly does impact the success of your case. Just ask the nearly 100,000 people and families that have trusted us in the past. There’s still no fee unless the case resolves in your favor, and our commitment to excellence remains the same, but today we begin to showcase the culture of “Edgar” and how when you need it most, you can “Find Edgar”SM in everything we do.

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