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Emotional Distress

Shame. Fear. Anxiety. Trauma. These are all emotions and feelings related to emotional distress in the workplace. If you've been suffering from emotional distress at work due to the actions of your company, boss, or coworkers, you could have a case. Suing for emotional distress at work is not an easy path.

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Can You Sue a Person for Mental Anguish?

You can sue for emotional distress and mental anguish by filing the appropriate employment law claim. With mental anguish, the pain a victim is dealing with isn't physical—it's emotional. If your supervisor, for example, has caused you anxiety, depression, trauma, or any other emotional suffering, you may be able to file for an emotional distress lawsuit.

Suing for mental anguish isn't always straightforward. The claim must meet certain criteria such as:

  • Your employer knew about the conduct that caused your emotional distress
  • Your employer was aware that it was harmful behavior
  • Your employer never took steps to remedy your situation

There are a lot of details involved—so let our law firm handle it and give you peace of mind. If you're wondering if you can sue for mental anguish in the workplace, call us at 412-394-1000.

Can You Sue for Pain and Suffering?

You can sue for pain and suffering if you've suffered emotionally from the actions involved with your employment law case. You might not always be physically injured from a distressing incident at work—but the emotional toll may still be worth a compensation.

If you are suffering severe mental anguish or emotional distress and wish to sue, it's critical to keep a record of what has happened at your workplace. You must prove that you suffered real pain and suffering due to your employer's actions. For example, if your emotional distress at work required you to seek a mental health caregiver, you'll want to document that. It's also important to record specific examples of workplace harassment or discrimination, and it's important that you speak to an attorney about your case.

What is Considered Emotional Distress?

If a person's actions toward someone else cause a very emotional and negative reaction. It is considered emotional distress. This negative emotional reaction might be so severe that legal action is warranted to compensate you for emotional damages, pain, and suffering. Emotional abuse can be just as bad as physical, and that is why you need an experienced employment attorney on your side.

Are you experiencing constant harassment and bullying in the workplace that causes you anxiety? Or are you depressed because your employer promoted other, less qualified employees, and you suspect it is due to discrimination? These are just a few emotional distress examples in the workplace. If you were diagnosed with anxiety or depression, or even have chronic headaches or insomnia due to events at your workplace—this could be cause for a lawsuit. Not sure if your situation fits the criteria? Contact Edgar Snyder & Associates at 412-394-1000 to see if you have a case.

What Kind of Damages Are Emotional Distress?

Damages that result from emotional stress include anxiety, fright, depression, grief, and more. Mental anguish and emotional distress damages are considered non-economic. This means that these types of damages won't cover out-of-pocket costs like medical bills. Non-economic damages cover losses such as pain and suffering, humiliation, mental anguish, emotional distress, strained relationships, and more. If you're seeking compensation for non-economic damages due to workplace trauma, it's in your best interest to contact an employment attorney.

Suing for emotional damages requires evidence to back up your claims. If discrimination in the workplace caused you emotional distress and you wish to sue, you may need testimonies from a doctor or mental health professional. When you hire an experienced law firm like Edgar Snyder & Associates, we hire experts on your behalf.

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