Oregon Dog Law

Liability Statute

Oregon does not have a Dog Bite Statute.

Common Law Liability

In Oregon, a person can recover for dog-bite injuries if he or she proves that the injury was caused by the dog owner’s negligence. In cases where the dog owner knew of the dog’s vicious propensities, the owner will be held strictly liable.

Dangerous Dog Statute

A dangerous dog is a dog that:

  • inflicts serious injury in an aggressive manner on a person or kills a person without provocation
  • acts as a potentially dangerous dog after previously labeled a potentially dangerous dog

Potentially Dangerous Dog

A potentially dangerous dog is a dog that:

  • menaces a person without provocation and while not on premises from which the keeper may lawfully exclude others
  • inflicts less than serious physical injury on a person without provocation
  • inflicts physical injury on or kills a domestic animal without provocation and while not on premises from which the keepr may lawfully exclude others

Liability of Dangerous Dog Owners

A person is guilty of maintaining a dangerous dog if the person is the keeper of the dog and, with criminal negligence, fails to prevent the dog from engaging in behavior which satisfies a potentially dangerous or dangerous dog label.

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