Roof Crush Accidents

Crushed Roof

The amount of weight a car's roof can handle is known as its "roof crush resistance." Since rollover accidents often leave cars flipped over – sometimes for long periods of time – having a high roof crush resistance is important to your safety.

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Injuries From Cars With Crushed Roofs

Being in a rollover accident can be scary enough. When the roof starts giving way, it can cause serious trauma. The roof of your car is supposed to protect you, not worsen your injury.

Most roof crush injuries involve the brain, head, neck, and shoulders. These may include:

How Much Roof Crush Resistance Should My Car Have?

Roof crush is similar to crashworthiness, a way of rating a vehicle's ability to protect people in a crash. Roof crush specifically refers to how much weight a roof can handle.

In the United States, a car's roof must be able to withstand a minimum of 1.5x its own weight. However, a law passed in 2009 requires all cars to handle at least 3x their own weight by 2017.