Mississippi Driver Licensing Law

Obtaining a Mississippi Learner's Permit

If enrolled in a driver's education course, teens in Mississippi are eligible to apply for a Learner's Permit to be used only in the operation of a driver's education vehicle under the supervision of a driver's education instructor. This is a very limited permit.

Fourteen-year-olds may apply for a Limited Learner's Permit if enrolled in 9th through 12th grade and in a Driver's Ed program. The permit is only valid in a driver's ed vehicle with a driver's ed instructor.

Fifteen-year-olds who can prove they are enrolled in school do not need to be enrolled in driver's education to be eligible to apply for the Learner's Permit. Drivers holding a 14-year-old permit must apply for a 15-year-old permit.

In both cases, a Learner's Permit must be held for 12 months. Practice driving while 14 does not count in the 12-month period.

Applicants must pass a written examination and must meet the required eye standards. The following is required when applying for the permit:

  • A completed application with notarized signatures of custodial parents or guardians
  • A Social Security card or printout from the Social Security Administration
  • A certified birth certificate (original or a certified copy with a raised seal) issued by the Bureau of Vital Statistics or State Board of Health
  • Applicants under 18 need to present a signed certification of school attendance

Obtaining an Intermediate License

The Intermediate License restricts holders from driving between 10PM and 6AM on any day of the week. There are no restrictions when going to and from work. All other times, the holder is required to be supervised by a parent, guardian, or licensed adult age 21 or older, sitting in the seat next to the driver.

Applicants must have held a valid Learner's Permit for at least a year. When applying, the driver must present the same information as the Learner's Permit.

The Intermediate License requires the successful passage of the driving skills test.

Mississippi prohibits texting while driving during the learner's permit and intermediate stages. A violation of this law can lead to fines of up to $500 and $1,000 if an accident occurs as a result.

Obtaining a Regular Operator License

Upon turning 17, drivers in Mississippi are eligible for an unrestricted Regular Operator License. This requires the passage of a written test and driving test.

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