Kansas Driver Licensing Law

Obtaining a Kansas Instruction/Learner's Permit

Kansas requires applicants for an Instruction/Learner's Permit to be at least 14 years old and to have their parents' or guardians' consent. Before the permits administration, a vision and written test must be passed, or submit a certificate of completion from driver education.

The permit's duration is one year and it may be renewed. The following conditions apply:

  • A supervising adult, age 21 with at least a year of driving experience, must sit beside the permit holder at all times.
  • While holding this permit, the driver must complete at least 25 hours of supervised driving, ten of which must be at night.
  • No additional people may be in the front seat with the driver.
  • The permit holder cannot use any type of wireless communication device while driving, except to report illegal activity or call for emergency help.
  • Driver may not text or talk on a cell phone while driving, except to report illegal activity or to summon emergency help.

Penalties: Violation of any of the conditions above can result in the suspension of your license.

  • 1st Offense – 30-day suspension
  • 2nd Offense – 90-day suspension
  • 3rd Offense – One-year suspension

Obtaining a Restricted License

The Kansas Restricted License is two-tiered. Fifteen-year-olds who have completed an approved course in driver training and held an instruction permit for at least a year are eligible to apply. They will need to bring a signed affidavit from their supervising driver stating that they have completed at least 25 hours on your 50 Hour Supervised Driving Affidavit form DE-IB101.

With this license, and until turning 16 years old, the teen may drive to and from their place of employment, may drive the most direct route between home and school, and may operate the vehicle with a 21-year-old licensed adult at any time. There is no restriction for driving with siblings.

Upon the driver's 16th birthday, they may drive between 5AM and 9PM.

Drivers are eligible for a Full License when they turn 17 years old.

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