Idaho Driver Licensing Law

Idaho Graduated Driver's License Program

Idaho employs a graduated licensing program that begins with drivers ages 14 years and 6 months. Application for the Idaho Learner's Permit requires:

  • Proof of age, identity and lawful presence
  • Social Security card
  • A birth parent or legal guardian to sign and consent to the licensing
  • Proof of enrollment and attendance or graduation from a recognized high school or equivalent
  • Passage of a vision test, requiring 20/40 vision in at least one eye with or without corrective lenses, and a written knowledge test

Once awarded a Learner's Permit, Idaho requires the completion of a six-month, violation-free supervised instruction period. During that time:

  • The driver must be accompanied by a supervising person, at least 21 years old with a valid driver's license, occupying the front passenger seat.
  • All occupants are required to wear seatbelts or child restraints.
  • The driver must have their Supervised Instruction Permit in their possession while driving.
  • The driver must accumulate at least 50 hours of supervised driving time, ten at night.

Supervised Instruction Permit Penalties

Drivers will have to reapply and restart the supervised instruction permit period if:

  • Convictied of violated any moving or non-moving traffic violations
  • Any supervised instruction permit restrictions are violated
  • The court or Department of Transportation suspends driving privileges

Upon completing these requirements and turning 15 years old, the driver will be required to take and pass driving and knowledge tests to receive a driver's license. Drivers under 17 are additionally required to pass a state-approved driver's education course.

Drivers under the age of 15 who have a valid driver's license or regular instruction permit may drive only during daylight hours unless they are accompanied by a person 21 years of age or older who has a valid driver's license and is sitting in the front seat. No other passengers are allowed in the front seat of the vehicle.

During the first six months from the date the license was issued, licensees under 17 are required to limit the number of passengers in the vehicle under 17 to not more than one, barring relation.

Penalties for Teens who Violates Provisions of the Graduated Driver's License Program

As part of the Graduated Driver's License Program all drivers under the age of 17 are subject to the following moving traffic violation penalties:

  • First violation - Warning letter
  • Second violation - Minimum 30-day suspension
  • Third violation - Minimum 60-day suspension

NOTE: If your SIP or driver's license gets suspended, you must pay all applicable reinstatement fees before your driving privileges can be reinstated. If your SIP has been canceled, you will have to purchase a new SIP if you are under 17 years old.

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